Coachella Valley Solar Program

Coachella Valley Solar Program Participants are Eligible to RECEIVE UP TO DOUBLE SCE Rebates through May 31, 2013

  • Early Adopters: $2,500 Discount
  • Middle Adopters: $2,000 Discount
  • Late Adopters: $1,500 Discount

The Coachella Valley Solar Program was conceived with the intention of leveraging economies of scale and passing the savings on to Coachella Valley residents interested in enjoying the long term savings and benefits of a solar system.

HelioPower Solar of Thousand Palms, a local valley solar provider since 2006, is offering valley residents discounts up to DOUBLE SCE’s current rebate tier through May 31, 2013.

While others have offered ‘cash back’ incentives, HelioPower feels that the customers benefit most when they receive the discount upfront at the time of contract. Additionally, the U.S. Treasury investigation of certain solar companies’ practices concerning ‘cash-back’ promotions puts consumers at risk. Why? According to the IRS, the tax credit applies to ‘the amount you paid’. This means any state rebates, local incentives, cash back, etc, must be deducted from the gross amount first. You are able to take the tax credit on the balance. The Treasury Department strictly forbids taking a 30% federal tax credit on money you didn’t pay. Why expose yourself to this risk? Taking the money as an upfront discount will allow you to avoid any IRS scrutiny should you get audited.

Additionally, the HelioPower’s Coachella Valley Program supports local jobs and the local economy. We use only local in-house labor and sales staff to service our hundreds of valley customers. These folks live, work, and pay taxes in the Coachella Valley. Supporting local jobs makes the Coachella Valley a stronger and more vibrant community.


To participate in the Coachella Valley Solar Program, you must sign a contract with HelioPower Solar by midnight on May 31, 2013. The Coachella Valley Solar Program is limited to 250 homeowners in the Coachella Valley serviced by Southern California Edison (SCE).

Come by our offices and say hello. Our friendly staff can answer your questions and help you determine if solar is right for you.

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